More Sights To See

I wanted to share some additional photos taken during our trip to provide additional insights to the wonder of South Africa, its people & this wonderful team!

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Day 8 & 9

imageAs our time in Cape Town comes to an end, we find ourselves departing with much more than what we arrived with. For although we invested our time, talents & treasure, our individual contributions were far exceeded by God’s gracious abundance (Luke 6:38).

New friends were made, seeds of faith were planted & encouragement was shared. We not only discipled to strangers, but also to each other. We not only grew as a team, but also as individuals & under Christ’s gentle care, He guided our diversity to operate more like a divine orchestra that demonstrated His powerful love to all we encountered. More hugs, prayers, tears & laughter were shared than can be counted & although our bodies are slightly weathered, our spirits soar knowing our work for Christ doesn’t end here, but will continue on wherever go & wherever we are.

In closing, thank you again for your ongoing prayers & although this has been a great trip, we are eager to return home & see you all soon!



Day 6 & 7

imageThe renovations are nearly complete! The enhancements we have been able to make to the children’s homes is encouraging in that they are now better protected against erosion, the play area has been renovated & the new swings & astroturf will allow the children to enjoy it once more. In addition, the houses are freshly painted and all that remains are the finishing touch ups.

Although renovating the homes & providing the children with a safe & functional play area is a great joy, the greatest blessing has been the formation of our new relationships & sharing the love of Christ with all we meet. In fact, one of the foster mom’s children, who is an artist, is working on a custom painting that will seek to capture the beauty of his homeland & the richness of prayer. We have also been blessed to witness five of the children accept Jesus as their Lord & Savior during Bible study!

We topped-off our night with a delicious dinner at the home of one of our local contacts, Ruth & James. Due to a recent power outage & the resulting time delays, we needed to go directly to their home from our work site. However, despite our dirty clothes & paint-stained hands we were no less treated as royalty & to gracious hospitality in their lovely home. It was truly a wonderful way to end a glorious day (Psalms 118:24).


Day 5 & 6

imageWe have been busy sanding windows, painting walls & clearing the childen’s play area these past two days. Our work is energized by the foster families’ deep appreciation, extravagent hospitality, warm laughter, sincere hugs & joyful smiles.  As an example, we were treated to the most delicious homemade bread many of us ever tasted – and for desert, we were graciously served hot tea, juice & cake! There is no doubt that the hospitality of the people here, although they have very little, is truly profound.  In addition to being highly respectful, we have also found them to be resilient & resourceful. Nothing goes to waste, they work hard & strive to keep what they do have clean & maintianed.

The greatest treasures however have been when we all share in praising & praying to our Lord & during the engaging encounters we have with the believers, the seekers & the unknowing.

As always, this team sincerely appreciates your support & prayers.  We would also like to share the prayer request of the young South African pastor we recently met who ministers to many of the children here.  When asked how we could pray for him & his small, but growing church, his reply was, “Please pray for God’s continued protection & provision upon us as we worship Him & share the love of Jesus with the many among us.”  How glorious it is that in a country so far away & in an environment so different than our own, the mission in the heart of God’s people remains the same (Acts 1:8).


Day 3 & 4

imageGood morning!  We celebrated our Lord’s day earlier this morning with several members of our team leading the worship service!  Even though we planned on attending a local service, it was clear God had other plans – made obvious by being unable to locate our designated church, despite having the address.  Therefore, we seized the opportunity to worship as a team off the coast of Cape Town & were rewarded with increased team unity, insightful teaching, encouraging testimonies & refreshed spirits to fuel our wonderful days ahead!

We have also been blessed to finally receive the crate that went missing during our flight over.  This arrival was just in time as the crate has many of the tools and items we need for our orphan home repairs.  We have also been losing wireless connection & unable to feed our blog. However, we appreciate everyone’s prayers, support and sincere interest and look forward to providing updates as often as possible – so keep checking in & be sure to sign up as a follower!

Lastly, for those who have never seen Cape Town, the beauty of this landscape serves as a powerful display to God’s glory & His profound creativity (Romans 1:20). Even though we’re cautioned from taking too many pictures of the people, we did want to post some photos in an attempt to share the unique splendor of this wonderful place.

imageimage image

Day 2

imageWe visited “Home From Home” today to learn more about the two foster care homes & families we will be serving in Cape Town.  Each home has six children & one foster mom. Thus far, the people we have met & who are supporting our efforts have been tremendous resources & a blessing to this team!  We’d like to thank James & Ruth, as well as everyone at Home From Home!  As Roger Henderson pointed out today, these brothers & sisters in Christ are as precious to us as Priscilla, Aquila & others were to Paul during his missionary work (Romans 16) so many years ago.